Friday, July 31, 2009

I'll Do it in a Minute!

Overheard on the scanner:

Radio to any unit that can take a “suspicious situation” message on 123 Main Street, apartment A.

214 to Radio, I can take that.

214, neighbors are complaining of a horrible smell coming out of an adjacent apartment and have not seen the residents in some time.

237 to Radio, I’ll take a Signal 2 (backup) to 214

Radio to 237, 10-4; 214, did you copy?

This is 214, copy.

[Miscellaneous radio traffic ensues]

214 to Radio

Go ahead, 214?

Yeah, we made contact with everyone in the apartment. All are well and accounted for. It looks like the trash had not been emptied in some time, since that’s where that smell was coming from. We took the trash out to the dumpster and the smell has cleared out. Clear it to me as “assistance provided.”

See, the story would not end there at my house. If I had waited that long to take out the trash, there may not have been anyone dead when the police got there, but I very well might be after they left.

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