Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hard Work

Last year, I sat in the doctor’s office, my emotions a mix of embarrassment and disappointment. After months of talking about it, I had finally gone in to get my first physical exam since before high school, 20+ years ago.

As the nurse took my basic measurements, she asked me to step on the scale. After the appropriate weights were shifted around and the beam rested at the midpoint of the scale, she read out my weight. 252 pounds. To the nurse, it was only a number, which she read matter-of-factly. But for me, that number represented a failure of self control.

I was shocked. It was the most I had ever weighed, and registered at least 20 pounds more since the last time I had stepped on a scale. I had never been this out of shape. More importantly, I had no idea that I was this big. In 10 years, I had gained 50lbs

Well, since I was not pleased with that, I resolved to handle this unpleasant business myself. After years of waiting for something to motivate me, I decided to motivate myself. I struck a deal with my wife. If I was able to get back to my wedding day weight—200 lbs, she would buy me the rifle I wanted—an AR15.

Over the last 16 months, I have lost 41lbs. Not a very fast weight loss (I've been stuck at that number for 5 months), but I have sustained it and have developed good habits in the meantime. I have had to adjust my motivation—medical bills and the recent election have placed the AR well out of my reach for the moment. Moreover, the rumors are true—the last 10 pounds are just about impossible to lose.

But, I am eleven pounds away from my goal. I feel tremendously better. I have more energy, and find myself playing with my girls more often. That, in itself, is a huge benefit.

Really, the only reason I write this is to motivate me once again to continue pressing toward my goal. It’s hard work, but then again, so is anything worth having.

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