Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Thanks for those who are praying for me! I am almost back to normal. For some reason, I like to complicate things as much as I can (it's the lawyer in me), so I have picked up a few complications along the way. I should be back in the saddle again soon, though.

In the meantime, I asked my wife to get me this GMC SUV for Father's Day. She rolled her eyes.

Hey! I would use blanks! Promise!

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Bob S. said...


Glad to hear you are getting back to normal. I'm not sure that an emergency appendictomy can be done without complications.

I asked my wife for a SUV like that for my birthday last year. She laughed at me. Of course, that was before we started car pooling and she had to drive on the interstate. Now she's asking for one for Christmas :)

Happy Father's Day to you good Sir.