Tuesday, June 30, 2009


A simple command. Given to the insignificant. The smallest person, in the smallest family, from the smallest tribe. And yet he would be the liberator. He would lead to set his people free.

God Himself had chosen Gideon. "Oh mighty man of valor," He called him. And yet, while God of the universe saw value in Gideon, Gideon himself did not. All God wanted was for Gideon to obey the command. Go.

But, all Gideon did was catalog his excuses. And complain. He listed, one by one, the reasons he ought to be a failure.

God did not change His mind. God did not revoke the call. He still wanted Gideon to go.

What about you? Where do you need to go? What do you need to do? What is God telling you to do that you can't because you are too weak, poor, dumb, odd, bad, or whatever? Perhaps there is something hidden in your life that He has not seen. Perhaps there is some failure he has not taken into account?

Well is there? Either He is God, or He is not. Either He knows all, or He does not. If you believe that He is God and knows all, then you have to believe He has considered all you bring to the table. After having taken you and your history in, He still says, "Go."

Still not sure? What did He tell Gideon?

"Go in this strength of yours..."

Interesting! He didn't say, "Go in God's strength." No. He said, "Go in your strength." Why would God say that? Aren't we supposed to rely on His strength?

Well, yes. But He is telling us, "Go with what you have." Don't wait to get stronger. Don't wait for the perfect moment. Don't wait until you "feel" God's strength. No. He's calling you. Just go with what you have now.

"Do I not send you?" Hey, if God is sending you, He'll back you up. Go in this strength of yours.

Today, no matter what you face, go in this strength of yours. When He calls, He will handle the rest.

Judges 6.


Bob S. said...

Excellent post.

I have found the greatest strength I need is my faith in the Lord. To be able to take the first step and the next when He says "Go".

"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

Not always the easiest thing to remember but probably one of the truest.

Anthony Bass said...

I hear you. Great post!

Sailorcurt said...

God doesn't call the qualified.

He qualifies the called.

Good post.

Lawyer said...


Thank you for visiting. Interestingly enough, some of these posts are born out of my own personal struggles. I end up posting what I believe God is telling me.

Bob, I believe Phil. 4:13 is a very key verse for me. I often find myself stretched far beyond what I believe my talents are.

Sailorcurt,I am living proof of that statement. In every instance, I have had to depend on God to back up the calling he has placed in my life.