Thursday, May 21, 2009

You Are a Right Wing Extremist If...

Is this the "change we can believe in?"

Read this Report, courtesy of our Department of Homeland Security.

Do you oppose abortion? (Page 2)

Do you oppose more gun restrictions? (Page 2)

Do you prefer limited government, believing you, not the federal government know what is best for your family? (Page 2)

Are you upset with the current direction our government is taking the country? (Page 3)

Do you oppose illegal immigration? (Page 5)

Are you a military veteran? (Page 7)

Are you Caucasian and in the military now? (Page 7)

If so, you cannot be trusted.

If you believe in any of those, congratulations!! You are a RIGHT WING EXTREMIST! Are you unemployed? Your children are at risk of becoming right wing extremists. (Page 4)

According to this report, you are to be treated just like that criminal who killed three police officers in Pennsylvania. You cannot be trusted because people like you planned violence right before the election. You must be stopped because you are like those in Waco, Texas. You are a threat because three unhinged people just like you wanted to bomb military targets in 1996.

Because a small handful of criminals are being, well..., criminals, you cannot be trusted and must be contained or converted. Do you believe you should be contained or marginalized because some nutjob somewhere goes berserk?

Yes, I know that the DHS retracted the memo. But they did so only after they were soundly and loudly called on the carpet. They retracted it because they got caught, not because they disavowed the information it contained. The report made it all the way to the top, and was accepted and approved by those in leadership. When they were caught, they blamed it on some poor schmuck on the bottom. But they ultimately approved, as government viewpoint, the drivel it contained.

Let's say you don't care about any of these issues. Do you have any loved ones that do? How do you feel about the Federal Government (which derives its power from us, the people) determining what value we have based on our opinions.

If you disagree with me, fine. You are safe today. But with this framework, you may not be tomorrow. By then, you will have no value and your opinion will be the new extremism. Regardless of what you believe, this is dangerous and gives us insight into how the DHS, who is supposed to keep us safe, will identify threats.

Because we dare to believe we have a great country, we are evil. Because we dare to believe in the sanctity of life, we are the enemy. Because we have the AUDACITY OF HOPE for a country bound by a Constitution and not to bowed to popular whim, we are a threat.

Actually, we really are a threat. A big one. Come next election, we will all have a chance to prove how big of a threat we really are.


Bob S. said...

It is absolutely amazing to compare the "right wing extremist" and the "left wing extremist" pamphlets. It is as the people were out to marginalize anyone who disagreed with the socialist intentions of those in power.

Come next election, we will all have a chance to prove how big of a threat we really are. That is why I named my blog 3 Boxes - soap, ballot and ammo. It is about the elections, getting people motivated.

Great post Sir

Lawyer said...


I have never been very politically active before. Actually, I hated politics. This election changed all that. I can't just sit around and let our country deny the history and viewpoints that make it great.

Bob S. said...


I'm with you. I was never too active before the 2004 election and even after that one I didn't do much.

Now, during the run up to the election of Obama I found myself debating his politics more and more online. Usually at other people's sites. I still hit a few but will concentrate on my blog and a few great blogs like yours.

I can't just sit around and let our country deny the history and viewpoints that make it great.That is what shocked me the most! I was stunned to see so many people basically trying to re-write the history, the values that formed our country.