Friday, May 8, 2009

Is it Just Me, Or...

Seems like lately, some of the groups I run around with have surprised me. Even some groups that have been traditionally anti-gun, or evenly openly hostile, have warmed up to the idea of using or owning guns. Is that just unique to me?

Depending on the context, I try to separate the concepts of guns for self defense, and guns for recreation. Some people are not mentally ready for using a firearm to take a life. I may discuss the reasons why I believe in carrying a firearm, but in the end, I just concentrate on the fun aspect of carrying a mechanical object that produces noise, smoke, and a controlled explosion. For some, I compare it to the obsession of golf, where there is a constant pursuit of perfection or a better score, which can be achieved if only I adjust my stance, grip, ... who knows what else.

For those who feel the need, or are more comfortable with the concept, I discuss self defense. I do so in a non-theatrical or "doomsday" way, most of the time just explaining why I believe as I believe. I also mention the hope that I will never have to use any firearm I own for self defense.

Lately, I find myself in this type of conversation more often. People no longer dismiss the idea of firearms and are more open to discuss it. Some of the arguments we have made against gun control appear to finally be finding root with non-enthusiasts.

Now, I know we can't rest on what we have accomplished so far, but it really does appear that the ship may be turning just a bit.

Or is it just me?

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