Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another One!

My former law partner and I went to the range today. It was his first time shooting in about 30 years.

We fired the 10-22 and the Cougar and went through several hundred rounds. His shots grouped pretty well for someone who was a wee bit rusty.

On the way out, we hung around to look at the toys. We looked at ARs, AKs, a few 1911s, assorted other handguns, and some shotguns. He had such a great time that he wants to make it a regular occurrence.

And, he wants to buy a gun and get his carry permit.

Another one joins the fun!


Bob S. said...

Great job on being such a fantastic ambassador for the sport.

Greg of runs a "contest" for bloggers who introduce new shooters to the sport. Drop him a line to enter. It's a great way to keep track of how many people are picking up the habit.

Ben komanapalli said...

I will join the group soon! : )

Lawyer said...


Thanks for the link! And thanks for stopping by!


I have to warn's addictive!