Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Our new administration flew in on the wings of promises to hold talks with the world to determine what is best for our country. Both President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton have toured the world on the Bash Bush and America tour, and approached world leaders with their tails between their legs, promising to behave.

I love the idea that we are extending an olive branch to terrorists. Our leaders have told the Taliban that they will talk with the moderates who denounce violence. Huh?!?!

That's like walking into a gang fight and wanting to stop the fight by negotiating with the spectators. That's not your threat! Your threat comes from those radicals who are doing the fightning. Any deal made with those on the sidelines will not affect the conflict already taking place. The only way to stop the fight is to step into it, display superior firepower and strength, and subdue and control those that are fighting. Isn't that what the Police are trained to do?

Why do we think terrorists are any different? These are the people who supported those who carried out the greatest terrorist attack on our soil!

How did the Taliban leader respond? He told us to go find these moderate Taliban and talk to them. I guess we are the only ones who think that dealing with the moderates will stop the radical. His words, "This is a lunatic idea." What did we expect? They are hell-bent (literally) on killing us and removing us from their homeland--just as we would be if the shoe were on the other foot. How do you negotiate with someone who believes you are evil and they must annihilate you. You don't!

So, how do we back up our lunacy? Our leaders have told the Taliban to behave, or we will leave. Great! Try that with your kids. "Stop fighting or I will go watch TV!" "Stop beating your sister or I will turn around and not look!" Yep, more lunacy.

What do the quoted analysts say about our strategy?

"The Taliban meanwhile, do not have to win the war, analysts say. All they have to do is survive and wait for their opponents to lose the will to keep fighting."

Hang tight terrorists.

With our current administration, you may not have to wait long.


shariva said...

I agree to disagree w/you on this one, bro. Especially given the fact that whenever it's time to "step into the fight", I'm the one that has to go to the battle. Yes, I signed up for the sacrifice freely. However, I'm the one who deploys when we must manage or settle the conflicts while others sit home and watch it on their televisions and from the comfort of their couches.

-Signed, Serving Your Country

Lawyer said...

I'm not sure we are at different viewpoints. I appreciate (and always have) the sacrifices of our armed forces.

I merely disagree with the notion that we can negotiate with evil.

"Great danger lies in the notion that we can reason with evil" Doug Patton