Friday, March 13, 2009

The Line

What happens when we try so hard to be cool? What happens when we try so hard to reach the audience, that we forget or forsake the message we are to deliver in the first place? What if we were so worldly, wildly successful as a ministry, or minister, that the world would seek us for advice or mentoring, yet we could not deliver the very message that justifies our existence?

Yes, this video is a parody, of course. But, where is that line drawn in our ministries? What parts of the message are we willing to ignore just because it's hard or unpopular or will cause us to lose face with our audience? How far will we go to connect, and how far from the Bible we will move?

Again, where is that line?

When we do find the line, is it a thick black line, or is it more of a fuzzy gray line? In the end, do we measure success by how many heads we count, or is it how many hearts He changes?

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Anthony Bass said...

I think the issue is why did we feel the need to become relevant in the first place? I think people are getting confused between method and medium. The Bible says, "One plants, one waters, and God gives the increase." To me that is explicitly God's method of winning souls. However, if I am using my blog, or I use an IPod, tv. etc. now I am referring to a medium. Seeker sensitive is only necessary if what you are doing is not working! The Pentecostal and Charismatic moving is the fasting growing religious moment on the planet! Whats the problem? Thoughts?