Friday, March 27, 2009

Debt Relief

How much debt are we in? Why does everybody keep saying trillion like it's real money?

It's not like we can visualize it or anything. Trillion.

I guess the best news is that our current administration believes that the best way to pay off that debt is to borrow more.

I must be dumber than I thought. Won't somebody have to pay that off? I need to pray for my girls!

I'm getting caffeine and some aspirin.

H/T to Armed and Christian


shariva said...

I thought I was a little "mentally challenged" everytime I heard the news mentioning "stimulus package" in hopes that we would borrow more money. I was like, what is it "stimulating", more debt? I thought because I wasn't Warren Buffet, I was just plain dumb but I see I'm not...I'm just practical!

Lawyer said...

Hey, aren't we blessed, though! This is Change We Can (will have to) Live With!