Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gun Range!

Finally got to the gun range this week. Matt and I headed out to the range during lunch so we could blow off some steam. I bought the ammo and targets at the counter and headed over to the bench to gear up.

Ear protection? Check

Eye protection? Check

Ammo? Check

Targets? Check

Guns? Che...



I forgot the guns?!?


armed_and_christian said...

ROFLOL!! That's worse than the time a buddy and I drove for almost 2 hours to get to an outdoor range so that I could sight in my Remington 03A3, and I forgot the posterboard targets I had spent 3 hours hand-gridding.

tim said...

One hunting trip this past season I set out my ground blind, grabbed my thermos of java, and reached for the shotgun and suddenly realized its still at the house... So back through the muck and the woods and an hour later I sit in the cold gripping my double barrel. Never saw a deer that day either...

Lawyer said...

Those are great stories. Sometimes I think that these things only happen to me. It's pretty funny today, but man, I felt like a complete idiot Tuesday. At least the range master enjoyed it.

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