Thursday, February 26, 2009

Guaranteed Way to Lose Weight!!!

Ok. Now that I have your attention...

About eight months ago, I went to the doctor for a physical (the first one since high school). After the physical, I received a letter in the mail regarding my cholesterol test. I must not have studied for it because my cholesteral test results came back: not so good.

The letter was very polite, but it urged me to either lose weight, or make an appointment in three months to discuss my activity levels and eating habits with the doctor.

I don't think so.

I decided to take matters into my own hands. I set a goal of losing 52 pounds and I got to work. I decided that I would not concentrate on the weight, but rather on changing my lifestyle. Since then, I have lost 40 of the 52 pounds. That's about 5 pounds per month. I know, not exactly blazing progress, but I'm not complaining. Because the true measure of my success (for me) is that I have kept the weight off.

So many people have asked me how I did it. Here goes: hard work.

That's it. No magic pills, no super potions, no wonder machines.

I have had to retool my diet--I eat smaller portions, I eat every two to three hours. I have drastically cut down on my sweets (A moment of silence, please...). This means I have had to rediscover the ability to say NO.

I have had to change my activity levels. I (try to) work out every day. I do weight training, as well as run on the treadmill. I have had to carve time out of my day (time that I do not have) and work out even if I am tired (I may not get home until after 9p, thought I get up at 4:30a). I am motivated by the fear that I will regain what I have lost.

Unfortunately, no one likes that answer. Right after I share my "secret," they share theirs. They admit that although they have not lost any weight, they have discovered that the latest drink, powder, or wonder food will allow me to lose more weight.

I guess they misunderstand my goal. My primary goal is not to lose the weight. That is a secondary goal, and more of a benefit of what I am doing. My goal is to change my lifestyle. The weight loss will follow.

The magic pills and potions and the SuperWunder AbThigh Disaster3000 will not change my lifestyle. You can keep all that. I'll stick to what I'm doing. Good luck with that, though.

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Write or Die said...

Amen, Brother! I'm with you! Isn't it funny how the most undisciplined people are always the MAIN ones giving you advice on how to succeed at whatever goal "you" are striving for? Do what works for you and keep it moving! I'm a witness to your program that has caused you to shrink 1/4 of my entire body weight. I'm with you and am cheering you on! It takes hard work, determination, and consistency...simply stated. Keep it up!