Sunday, December 7, 2008

Stress Relief

I was finally able to go to the gun range this weekend. Work has been so busy, that I have not been able to go as often.

My friend invited a few others to come, including a first time shooter. There were five of us in all, and since the range was packed, we were given three lanes to share. I had three guns (Stoeger Cougar 8000, Luger P08, and a Ruger 10/22 rifle). Three others in the group had Springfield XDs (two compact and one full size). We shared the lanes and the guns and got to send a lot of lead down range.

For my Ruger 10/22 I used two Tactical Innovations TI25 magazines. One of them wasn't adjusted well, so it did not function as well as it should have. That's not the magazine's fault. I had fiddled around with the adjustment screws and threw off the alignment. The other magazine functioned flawlessly.

These friends are all involved in security in one way or another, so they were pretty knowledgeable and safe. Even the first-time shooter did well. All in all, a good day at the range and a whole lot of stress relief.

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