Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm getting a headache

Why, please tell me?  Why is Congress meddling in the BCS system.  Several Congressmen want to pass legislation to force a College playoff!  

It's not like they're getting anything else right.  Do they really need something else to do?  Are they bored?      

Since when did this become a matter of national legislative importance?

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Anthony Bass said...

I totally agree with you. It’s not like Congress does not have anything else better to do. However, I would love for someone to bring some attention to what I would call the “hypocrisy of college athletics”! It is interesting full scholarship athletes can not work during the academic school year like other students. (The fear is i.e. Tim Tebow will become a multimillionaire signing autographs at foot locker somewhere in Gainesville, and leave the University of Florida...Think about the possibilities of wealth generation for these athletes). Moreover, the implicit argument is that college athlete’s focus should be on winning games, making good grades, and developing a sense of gratitude for the University’s generous efforts to educate them ( alums...they drool!. It’s not like student athletes are going to college to make money. Boy these athletes today...all they think about is money...where is the loyalty of the athletes of yester year!!!!). On the other hand, while the full scholarship athletes are making ends meet through the support they receive from home (I hope their parents are not getting hit by this economic storm); the Universities, Coaches, and Sportscenter are making millions of dollars off these athletes performance! Now, as a capitalist I would not have a problem with this, but I do have a problem when the public paints the athlete in a bad light for desiring to prosper off of the game too. Since the NCAA does not want to force a playoff because colleges would loose money in a playoff system (Like college football is about...Football and rewarding the best team each year!) And, no one is smart enough to design a system that will include the bowl games and a playoff system (they need some college students to solve this problem) You might as well have Congress get involved; we need someone with integrity to straighten out this mess ;o) Oh and by the way the consensus is that Time Tebow is not a pro-quarterback. I hope he has a good back up plan. Oh he can get a job he is educated! What is the unemployment rate right now?