Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Shawn Chacon

Sometimes I think I’m too dumb to understand life like professional athletes do.,4670,BBNAstrosChacon,00.html

 So, let me get this straight:  I’m called to a meeting with my boss.  I refuse.  He insists.  During our vigorous discussion, I place my hands around his neck and throw him to the ground.  I then jump on him to continue our heartfelt exchange of opinions.  After I’m separated by my co-workers, I’m suspended, then fired.

 Tragic.  After all, this cannot be my fault.  So I'll have my union file a grievance because I was fired without cause.

The world of a professional athlete.  Funny thing is, he’s concerned he may never pitch again just because he grabbed his boss by the neck.  He’s not upset that he was fired for insubordination or physically assaulting his boss. He just wishes he’d been left alone.,4670,BBNAstrosChaconSuspended,00.html

 If I did that, I wouldn’t be filing a grievance; I’d be asking for bail.

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