Thursday, June 26, 2008

James Fagan

Ladies and Gentlemen, here's a winner!

Massachusetts State Representative James Fagan is an attorney. He is describing what he will do when he defends someone accused of sexually assaulting children.  The objects of his ire and targets of his vitriol are the children witnesses.  The victims.

The ethical rules under which I am to operate state that I am to zealously represent my client's interests. I understand and abide by that obligation. I understand that such an obligation may require vigorous and steady examination on the witness stand.

But to have as your goal the desire to destroy those that have already been injured is beyond my comprehension. To derive pleasure from adding more injury to those who were unable to defend themselves in the first place is simply deplorable.  Let me tell you, to brag about how you, an adult, can torment abused children is not a mark of intelligence or class.  It is because of people like you that attorneys have a bad reputation.

I am sick to my stomach and embarrassed that you share my profession.

Shame on you.

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Anthony Bass said...

Yeah! This is impossible to stomach!